Sports Clubs

The are a number of local sports clubs, both community based and commercial

Kirkby Milers Athletics Club are involved in road running, cross country and athletics for all ages, including weekly social runs, and track and field events at Kirkby High School.

Pedal Away run a cycling project at Mill Farm.

There are two boxing clubs and some martial arts clubs:

  • Kirkby Amateur Boxing Club in Northwood;
  • Knowsley Vale Amateur Boxing Club in Westvale;
  • KC Fightbase mixed martial arts at Glovers Brow shops.

Kirkby Valley Golf Club is based at Kirkby Golf Course on Ingoe Lane.

There are three ponds/lakes within Kirkby and another nearby in Lancashire for fishing:

  • Mill Dam Angling Club based in Mill Farm Park off Mill Lane;
  • Northwood Forest Hills Lake – it’s unlcear if there is any association here at the moment;
  • Spinney Woods pond – it’s unknown is there is any association here at the moment
  • Newbridge Farm Lake Fishing Lakes is a commercial course fishing site.