Continuing Education

A number of education institutions provide continuing education and lifelong learning courses

Knowsley Family And Community Education (FACE) is based in Halewood and provides a range of courses in areas such as counselling, IT, skills for life and languages.

The Univeristy of Liverpool offers a range of continuing education courses:

Continuing Education (CE) at the University of Liverpool has over 250 short courses in a variety of subjects. The CE programme explores archaeology, philosophy, history, art, creative writing, business studies, information technology, science, English literature and modern languages. Courses take place during the day and evening, and can be a one-day workshop or a 20 week course. Whether you’re looking for personal development or you want to explore a subject you love in more depth Continuing Education has the variety flexibility to give you want you want!”

Liverpool John Moores University offers a range of Continuing Professional Development courses in areas such as healthcare, science, community and human resources.

Edge Hill University offers a range of Professional Development courses in areas such as education, health and social care, and teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).