Millbrook Park Millenium Green

Millbrook Park Millenium Green is the biggest managed parks and one of the most central parks in Kirkby

The Green is managed and maintained by the Friends of the Green, led by the Millbrook Park Millenium Green Trust, who also organise the annual community event the Kirkby Festival.  The park is commonly known as ‘The Chad’ after the neighbouring St. Chad’s church.

Running through the middle of the park is a brook, variously called Mill Brook, Kirkby Brook or Simonswood Brook. On the east bank of the brook is the main tarmac path running from Mill Lane to Hall Lane. Additional tarmac paths connect to this path from Kirkby Row and Millbrook School, with a rough path also running from alongside St. Chad’s church.  There are two footbridges that provide crossings from the east bank to the west bank of the park.

In addition to the brook, there are also some ponds, wetland with reeds, large grass fields, scrub land and various bits of woodland around the perimeter – all worth exploring.

The park links to many other green spaces, including Mill Dam Park to the north, the fields to the north of the railways line, the neighbouring St. Chad’s Garden’s to the south, and Kirkby Valley extending all the way to the M57 motorway in the south.