Parks and Playgrounds

Kirkby has a number of playgrounds scattered through its varied and sprawling parkland

From the dense woodland of Spinney Woods and Ribbler’s Plantation, to the grassy valleys along Kirkby Brook and its tributaries, to the numerous maintained public parks, Kirkby has a lot of different greenspace on offer for long walks or sunny days out.

One of the biggest parks in Kirkby is the Millbrook Park Millenium Green which includes grassy fields, a brook, ponds, woodland and accessible paths.

There are 6 playground sites openly accessible to the public across 5 different parks:

  • Mill Farm Adventure Playground on Mill Lane;
  • Old Rough Playground near Quarry Green Heights;
  • Saxon Green Playground on Saxon Way;
  • Webster Park Playground;
  • Memorial Park Junior Playground;
  • Memorial Park Senior Playground.

An additional park, Copthorne Adventure Playground, is in a fenced compound and normally used by groups that hire the building on the site.  The park is rarely open to public access.

There are two allotment sites in Kirkby:

  • Westvale Allotments run by KMBC;
  • Northwood Allotments – it’s unclear at this time who runs this site.