UK Parliament

A General Election elects MPs to the House of Commons in the UK Parliament

The last General Election took place on Thursday 7th May 2015 and the next one was planned for 2020 due to the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011.  However, the House of Commons voted to hold an early General Election on Thursday 8th June 2017.

The current Member of Parliament (MP) for the Knowsley Constituency is George Howarth MP, who was re-elected at the last General Election.  The Conservative Party has a majority of MPs in the House of Commons and form the current government.

There was a 64.1% voter turnout at the last General Election for the Knowsley Constituency, with the following results (source: BBC):

Party Candidate Number of votes % of votes
George Howarth Labour Party 39,628 78.1
Louise Bours UKIP 4,973 9.8
Alice Bramall Conservative Party 3,367 6.6
Carl Cashman Liberal Democrats 1,490 2.9
Vikki Gregorich Green Party 1,270 2.5

You can view the Knowsley Constituency boundary, George Howard’s constituency office and the location of the Houses of Parliament here: