Whitefield 2016

All 3 council seats in the re-shapened Whitefied Ward were up for election in 2016 following a change in ward boundaries and number of Borough Councillors in Knowsley

We attempted to contact all of the candidates for the 3 council seats to request a personal statement of no more than 500 words by 17th April 2016.  Their statements, where provided, can be viewed below:

Sean Phillip Donnelly Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a response from Sean.

Brian Johns Independent

I have been a resident in Kirkby for 59 years, apart from 5 years when I served in the Royal Navy.

I have seen many changes in this Town as I have grown up Married and started my own family and now have three grown up Daughters who are at the start of their Adult lives.

In my lifetime, Kirkby has changed dramatically, from a Town where I and my children received a good Education, equal to other areas in England.

Employment was in abundance on Kirkby Industrial Estate with a diverse range of Quality Employers paying good Wages supporting the Local Economy.

The Current

‘One Party State’

Of the Labour Party is to blame for the current situation our Town is faced with,

Lowest Educational Achievement Nationally this year with NO future A Level Provision1

High Unemployment in our area, Kirkby Industrial Estate has become the dumping ground for all Merseyside Waste with other dangerous waste recycling plants opening.2

High sickness rates with lower than average Life expectancy.

One of the worst Town Centre Shopping Facilities in any Northwest Town of comparable size, Tesco’s failure to deliver, and the new Town Centre owners lack of urgency in providing detailed plans for a new Town Centre will mean several more years of no adequate shopping facilities and yet, we are forced to pay exorbitant car parking charges AND FINES for that privilege.

Houses are being built on every scrap of ‘green space’ when there is no need apart from the profits for developers.

The national Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is a far cry from the local Labour Party, don’t be misled.

I have stood previously in the Local Elections concentrating on Whitefield Ward, slowly more people are starting to vote . Our local problems have worsened with pathetic excuses from the local Labour Party, such as

‘It’s not their fault’

‘It’s the Conservative Government’

‘We have to make cuts’

‘We’ve got no money’

Knowsley Labour Council statements are excuses. I challenged the Council, on Roger Philips Radio Merseyside Show two years ago over the Stockpiled Reserve Fund of £75,000,000, the response by the Council Cabinet Member for Finance implied a much smaller amount was in reserve,

Twelve months later, 2015, the Council announced they will be using around half of the £75,000,000 Reserve to finance key services. The previous deniability is strange.

Some expenditure is questionable . The Councillors wisdom approved an initial £6,000,000 will be spent on the Shakespeare Centre in Prescot from a tenuous link to Shakespeare that he may have stayed overnight on one occasion in Knowsley.

This money is being spent at a time when Council services and the workforce are being slashed. The money could be much better spent.

In the past, Knowsley has operated Rewards for Failure, massive payoffs for the previous Chief Executive, No-one should be rewarded for failure.

Vote for me as an



To do the right things for you

Editors notes:

1 Contrary to the All Saints High School’s website the school is reported to have ended provided A-levels since September 2015 following the school’s poor Ofsted Report and being placed into special measures.

2 Kirkby only currently has a Household Waste Recycling Facility, but a new Rail Waste Transfer Stations is planned, as is an incinerator, on Kirkby Industrial Estate.

Norman Frederick Keats Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a response from Norman.

Geraldine Veronica Robertson First For Kirkby

We did not receive a reply from Geraldine.

Ros Smith Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a response from Ros.