Northwood 2016

All 3 council seats in the re-shapened Nortwood Ward were up for election in 2016 following a change in ward boundaries and number of Borough Councillors in Knowsley

We attempted to contact all of the candidates for the 3 council seats to request a personal statement of no more than 500 words by 17th April 2016.  Their statements, where provided, can be viewed below:

Eddie Connor Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a response from Eddie.

Philip McKuhen First For Kirkby

I’ve been a Kirkby resident all of my 46 years. Having cerebral palsy from birth I credit the very mild nature of it down to the constant coaching as a child, often on their own time, to the staff of the old sports stadium. I credit them whenever I can as I doubt they knew then or know now what a massive difference they made to me physically. It was therefore the demolition of the stadium that made me sit up and think how much Kirkby has changed and what we have lost. Thanks to them I was able to go away and study through further and higher education and embark on what so far has been a rewarding career. I believe that any young person can achieve great things if they are given the opportunities, and it saddens me that the opportunities I had are no longer there.

My main concern for the town is the education system and I feel every school should be able to offer a full curriculum in all subjects. All Saints do excellent work offering A Levels in some subjects. However we need to aspire to every subject being available to every child in every school. As I acquired my education late in life, leaving school at 16 with no qualifications I am especially concerned with the lack of further education today for adults without travelling having to travel to Huyton. There are ways to address this, without much cost which I have outlined elsewhere.

After recent disappointments I am hopeful the new developer, St Modwen, will bring the long overdue improvements to the town centre. St Modwen come to this long term problem with a clean slate and will have my full support providing they would be looking to work with the community to enable us all to feed in to plans the things we feel we need. I am passionate about improving the life chances and employment prospects of residents and feel if we get the town centre right there will be a ripple effect lifting the prospects of the entire town with it.

I find myself today as a First for Kirkby candidate having met some brilliant people just a few years ago having joined a community group. A group I got a lot of pleasure from attending, bringing together local people with different skills to help residents on a wide range of issues. If elected I envision seeking to form a similar group of like minded people to meet weekly, combining skills found in the community with my desire to be available for a weekly surgery in the ward.

Mike Murphy Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a response from Mike.

Marie Ellen Stuart Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a response from Marie.