Cherryfield 2016

All 3 council seats in the re-shapened Cherryfield Ward were up for election in 2016 following a change in ward boundaries and number of Borough Councillors in Knowsley

We attempted to contact all of the candidates for the 3 council seats to request a personal statement of no more than 500 words by 17th April 2016.  Their statements, where provided, can be viewed below:

Jayne Elizabeth Aston Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a reply from Jayne.

Jenny Bamber First For Kirkby

My Name is Jenny Bamber and I am First For Kirkby’s Candidate for the newly configured Cherryfield Ward. This is my 2nd year standing and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to stand again.

I have a young family growing up in Kirkby and I have lived here all my life. My family are my drive and determination to keep me working in our community to try and make positive changes, as anyone who’s a parent or grandparent knows, we do what is for the best for our families.

In the past few years I have been working within our community with food banks and local companies, I have worked with residents with various issues, such as housing, rent and bedroom tax, and I am a volunteer at the Kirkby Festival and The local Woman’s Group.

Last year whilst running my FFK campaign I ran other campaigns and petitions alongside of it to save our lollipop ladies, to save our woman’s hospital, and I campaigned an joined protests to save our NHS and help the homeless. This year I have been looking around my ward speaking to our residents and local traders about the lack of facilities in our town and I have been attending meetings with local companies to encourage them to invest in our town.

In the upcoming weeks FFK have secured meetings with our new developer St Modwens to discuss how we can positively move forward as a community.

I plan to set up a community group in Field Lane and Southdene holding monthly meetings to enable us to come together and find out what the people want and more importantly what we need in our Town.

When I joined First For Kirkby it was because I wanted change, I was fed up, and I still am to be fair, with the lack of facilities we have.
The Town Centre should be the hub of our Town, a meeting place, a place where we have a selection of eateries, shops an bars and a decent sized supermarket so we don’t have to travel out of town for our everyday essentials.

When I was a kid there was always something to do, we had the Bracknell Centre youth Club, the sports stadium, Kirkby baths, our local community centres held band nights for the kids and Morris dancing, our community college was open and fully functioning and we could go in and use the computers, our library had fun days and events, so we rarely got up to mischief. Today our children have nothing.

Why Kirkby??? Kirkby is in crisis, Kirkby NEEDS YOU, without you Kirkby will continue to decline as it has in previous years.

We need local residents voted in in the council chamber who will not sit back and watch facilities lost here be re-located to Huyton, or cuts not being shared evenly across the borough. We are not tied to a labour whip and can debate to force them to either justify …

The statement ran to 559 words, so we’ve omitted the last 59 words.

Adam William Butler The Conservative Party Candidate

Knowsley needs a Council which is more accountable and we want to do that. Labour have taken local voters for granted for too long.

Jackie Harris Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a reply from Jackie.

David Mark Lonergan Labour Party Candidate

We did not receive a reply from David.