Friends of the Green

The Friends of the Green, led by the Millbrook Park Millenium Green Trust, are volunteers who work together to maintain the Millbrook Park Millenium Green and organise community events

The Friends of Millbrook Park include all the people who work together to maintain and develop the park, and organise the community events in Millbrook Park Millenium Green.

The main event of the year in Millbrook Park is the Kirkby Festival, a free community event open to all the residents of Kirkby.

Other summer activities on the Green in 2017 include bushcraft skills workshops during the summer holidays on 26th and 27th July, 3rd August and 1st September from 1pm-3pm.  The sessions are for children aged 5-14 years old who must be accompanied by an adult.  These free sessions are being provided from money secured by the Millbrook Park Millennium Green Trustees from the Greggs Foundation Environmental Fund.

The Millbrook Park Millenium Green Trust are the group of trustees who are responsible for ensuring that the park is maintained and used for the public good in perpetuity.   The trust was created along with 244 other Millenium Green Trusts across the UK to look after Millenium Greens as part of the celebration of the turn of the Millenium in 2000.

Currently much of the day-to-day maintenance on the park, such as grass cutting, are provided by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.  In the next three years Knowsley Council have stated that they will no longer be funding public parks and open spaces. During the summer of 2017 they will be holding public consultations to ask the views of the residents.

The Millbrook Park Millennium Green Trustees encourage local residents to become members of Friends of the Green group, whose main objective is to help manage and maintain the Green, ensuring it as a community asset for generations to come.
The group discusses funding opportunities, organisation of planting and maintenance teams, and developing ideas such as possible play and recreational family areas.

The trust invite more people who care about the Green to help with the management of the maintenance of the Green, to contribute with ideas of how to encourage greater usage of the Green, and to work with the local community.  If you think you would like to join the Friends of the Green group please contact John Fleming on 07900 450 388.