Local election candidates – personal statements

We’ve published personal statements from candidates standing in the 5th May local elections

KIRKBYTOWN.NET wanted to give all the local election candidates the chance to make their case to the people of Kirkby.  As a starting point we attempted to contact all the political parties and independent candidates and invited them to submit a personal statement of up to 500 words length by 17/04/2016 so we could publish them altogether.  We advised them that any factual inaccuracies or unclear statements would be highlighted, and that we would publish them as received.

As of the time of publishing, out of 18 candidates standing across the 4 Kirkby wards of Cherryfield, Northwood, Shevington and Whitefield, we have received only 4 responses from:

The other 14 candidates are still welcome to submit their statements to info@kirkbytown.net.

We’ll be asking all the candidates to answer some questions about different issues in Kirkby in the next two weeks – look out for their responses.

Note: Due to an editorial error, we accidentally omitted Brian Johns as one of the candidates who originally submitted a statement.  Apologies to Brian to our (late-evening) oversight.

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